Refresh your brand

“By changing nothing, nothing changes...” – Tony Robbins

Time and customers are constantly moving and if we don’t move with them, we fall behind. As in the above quote by Tony Robbins, if no changes are made then we risk nothing changing in our lives or in our business. Sometimes no change is good but other times we need to change with the times.

Branding and design from just a few years ago is already starting to look outdated. If your company fails to adjust and refresh, it can undermine customer trust and marketplace credibility. If you do a brand refresh it will reflect a more current, updated image of your company, reassuring your customers that you still know what you’re doing. Refreshing your brand makes you look sharp, in charge of your image and hence more professional.

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The main benefits to a refresh include:

  • Infuse the business with new vitality.
  • Ensure your company image keeps up with the changing marketplace.
  • Expand your reach to new customers.

Below shows the when you need a refresh and how you make the change:

Is it time for a brand refresh?

If you’re facing one of the scenarios below, you might need a brand refresh:

  • You’re outdated: Though your logo was innovative when you first started your business, the changing times might have left you stuck in the past.
  • You’ve changed: Does your brand messaging accurately reflect what you offer and who you are? Companies often evolve over time to remain relevant. Make sure your customers understand what you’re about now.
  • You’re inconsistent: If you’ve been playing with different colour schemes and logos for a while now, the chances are you’re confusing your audience. A refresh can help you to find your focus.
  • Your audience has changed: You may not be reaching your target audience anymore, because your market has shifted since you first began your branding efforts. A refresh will help you to focus on targeting the people you need.
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How you can refresh your brand identity

Think of a brand refresh as a makeover to upgrade the visual design, but the brand remains mostly the same in terms of messaging, values, and overall brand personality. A refresh can introduce new shades to your brand colors, graphic elements or a new set of branded social media adverts.

A brand refresh is similar to the new scarf and boots added to your wardrobe to spice up the many outfits you already have. 

Typically, the brand refresh process will look at your use of colour, typography and styles and may making the below changes:

  • Refreshing your current design or logo
  • Updating your slogan
  • Changing your colour pallet
  • Refreshing marketing materials
  • Refreshing website copy and imagery
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