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Logo Design, Website Design and other projects for the Dementia Care Hub

I was asked to design a logo for a local charity group called The Dementia Care Hub, which provides social groups for care partners and people living with a dementia to enjoy, both together and independently. I always like to do some charity work each year so agreed to do all design work for the care hub for free. The initial project was to design a logo that reflected the caring and friendly nature of the group to lead onto a website to help people see all the good things the group does for people living with dementia in the community.

The design process starts with a conversation with the client where we chat about requirements, the company and product, the target audience and the owner to get a feel for what is needed. Then design options are worked on, where normally 3-4 options are developed and sent to the client to review. Working with the client the chosen design is adapted until the final design is chosen.

Logo Design for The Dementia Care Hub
The logo uses three bright colours and fonts that aim to create a friendly and caring feel.

The Dementia Care Hub Logo

The icon is a combination of a heart outline, two figures in yellow and green that form another heart. The idea is to highlight companionship, love and care. A further heart is used for the dot of the i in Dementia.

dementia care hub Icon

The brand colours consist of the three main colours of Yellow, Green and Blue with white being the main background or highlight colour and Dark Blue being for body text. Green and blue should be used for headlines and the box elements, with yellow being used as an attention grabber when needed. White text should never be used on a yellow background for ease of reading always use dark blue. The aim of the bold use of colours is to create a friendly and happy vibe. For full Branding document click here

The Dementia Care Hub Logo

The Dementia Care Hub needed a multipage website with contact forms and messaging and also with the flexibility to book courses and payment if needed at a later date.


The website was a multipage website set up to keep to the above branding styles so fonts and colours and the imagery thoughout the site were in line with the style. Although the client was happy with the inital design there has been many changes to the Care Hub so that has lead to changes to the site. We have worked together to improve and develop the site so it adapts alongside the Care Hub.

The site was designed in Wix so the client could have access to the site and make minor changes themselves with all major changes being done by Harper Design Studio, with Nicky Harper being the Web Designer and Manager.

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